Twitter Time: 10 words or less

Michael Sacco
M. Sacco|05.28.09

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Michael Sacco
May 28th, 2009
Twitter Time: 10 words or less

Reginald and Beartato (c) Nedroid.comI've been manning the official Twitter for the past few nights and having a great time of it. The three nights previous to last, I did some reader-participation art and ended up drawing a tauren rogue and two druids (undead and gnome!). Tonight I thought I'd go a little more literary and had the Twitterati, in the spirit of tweets, send me WoW-related stories of ten words or less. Here are some of my favorites, and the rest are after the jump.

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Frito_KAL @wowinsider No matter what the humans say, gnomes are NOT piñatas.

@wowinsider "Thanks for the summoooooooooooooon...." the rogue yelled up the cliff.

kryptongirl @wowinsider The druid turned into a dog tree. He barked.

MsJenni @wowinsider We entered Deadmines nude, voting who came out best dressed.

TheCorruptOne @wowinsider Armor drops from a clear desert sky. Incoming gnomish engineer!

threeparts @wowinsider How many edge of winter's does this damn dryad -have?-


NickBurrus @wowinsider : Ei learned to ride kodo from Kar Stormsinger in Mulgore.

jazak @wowinsider "everyone fear hogger, for he is epic gnome eater"

WyriHaximus @wowinsider "*Sneaks into a mobpack* -- crap forgot stealth -- *runs like hell!!!*"

Cputters @wowinsider Murlocs have great agro ranges and attract adds often.

solkana. @wowinsider With hand deep in poo, the berries must be found!

NickBurrus @wowinsider : Ei learned to ride kodo from Kar Stormsinger in Mulgore.

jazak @wowinsider "everyone fear hogger, for he is epic gnome eater"

WyriHaximus @wowinsider "*Sneaks into a mobpack* -- crap forgot stealth -- *runs like hell!!!*"

mayqueen79 @wowinsider Finished the quest, running to turn in, Damn, ganked again!

Stoopid512 @wowinsider I withheld water from Ringo, just to watch him die.

Cputters @wowinsider Murlocs have great agro ranges and attract adds often.

XandosFiretree @wowinsider I killed some kobolds, reaching second level. Only seventy-eight remain!

zzmorriss @wowinsider The Insane title is a long grind I did recently

MBragiel @wowinsider No hat, and it seems to rain whenever I Fish.

Ecgric @wowinsider How about: "Just one more ... and, yes ... Ding!"

threeparts @wowinsider 10! Grats! 20! Congrats! 30! gz! 80! Raid cancelled, sry.

Aoikari @wowinsider Never going to the undercity zoo again... must wash eyes!

awlbiste @wowinsider Nelf Rogue killing the Tarren Mill fightmaster. Can't get out.

Jaysen_N @wowinsider Materinty test proves that neither are the baby daddy, GASP!

kiffar @wowinsider Titanium Node! Mine, Paladin! His head stuck to my pick.. <_<

Bytorsnowdog @wowinsider female elf dancing naked, sigh deeprun tram all over again!

misterbat @wowinsider Ok, you're 80, run me through RFC 10 times!

Illithias @wowinsider Validating the RNG - green proto drake in first egg.

suprgirl83 @wowinsider The AH was quiet, then everyone laughed and did a "choo choo!"

AndyPhifer @wowinsider I dismounted over Dalaran and shattered both of my legs.

Fobok1 @wowinsider Seeing a child in danger, the paladin charged into battle

Aoikari @wowinsider my friend told me guild wars was better, ROFL COPTER.

Pnut060 @wowinsider Seeing a guy "walking" from Darnassus to stormwind rping.

Ashayo @wowinsider /spit? /chuckle /beckon /flex /charge /gasp /bleed /taunt /victory /cheer

wow_acia @wowinsider "Why does this Boar have 35 silver?"

Pnut060 @wowinsider A game master responds to troll in trade chat.

J_Neske @wowinsider Big cliff: Lost footing. Have Levitate! But no feather... splat.

Celerum @wowinsider polymorphed into bug. Flew out dalaran sewer. Fell and died.

Pnut060 @wowinsider Hacker logs on guildie account and annouce he's hacking him.

userpjx @wowinsider Farming chilled meat. Everybody loves cooking dailies! DEHTA disagrees.

GAJoaby @wowinsider One thousand evenings | A mage becomes a hero | Ding, Level 80.

locktart @wowinsider achivements? For my dreadsteed quest? Oh, yes please!

Meletudie @wowinsider Warrior realizes his fear when the murloc approaches, Gobbler dies.

Lord_Malvern @wowinsider The auction house teems with sellers, naked dancers, and farmers.

justgiz @wowinsider "He wanted eggs, i got them, a huge bird attacked me"

arkbites1 @wowinsider The Undead spit on a dead gnome. Business as usual.

nickhuber @wowinsider When the candle factory closed, Kobolds all over Azeroth wept.

amarafox @wowinsider Grunkk the orc went picking flowers but got killed by hogger :(

jeffrush @wowinsider And so, once again, I embark upon a corpse run.

Illithias @wowinsider Combat over, Illithias went flying off over the Colossal's edge.

sircastor @wowinsider Escorting friend in SP, disguised, flew off cliff, he walked.

Metrophelean @wowinsider Is this fish? Why does it have legs? OMFG MURLOC!

ajrula @wowinsider Wading through the undead, I realize: The Alliance is worse.

lttleknownceleb @wowinsider You know, I really thought that gnome was dead.

sheppy @wowinsider "I died again. Dammit."


Aerislan @wowinsider Illidan returns and sides with Arthas in the next battle.

thawk2000 @wowinsider when the portal opened the wrath of illadin was awoken

Nibuca @wowinsider Sylvanus, banshee queen, in Northrend takes Arthas, lich king. Checkmate.

thawk2000 @wowinsider the prince raises his hand and a million scourge follow

Hoff1282 @wowinsider I have two. 1 - As he held the blade aloft, Arthas breathed his last.

cepenney @wowinsider Thumbs up, let's do this... LEEEERRROOOOY JEEEENNNKIIINNSSS!!!!

locktart @wowinsider There is no Arthas, only Ner'zhul!

Aoikari @wowinsider Never going to the undercity zoo again... must wash eyes!

spasticsnap @wowinsider Tauren leaves her fertile homelands to battle frozen dead.

knight816 @wowinsider rain fell silently on the windshield; it was actually ichor

Soroks @wowinsider The orb glowed a strange purple. Sighing, the Warlock began

tashalee @wowinsider Undear rogue was formerly assassin trained by Royal Apothacary Society.

thawk2000 @wowinsider Out of darkness, a prince arrived to destroy the land

tashalee @wowinsider A paladin valiently fought scourge though Arthas encroached upon him.

sandchigger @wowinsider Magni sits alone in his kingdom, his family lost.

TheCorruptOne @wowinsider An undead priest heals the shivering child's soul. Death smiles.

sirurza @wowinsider Sonatta resisted using fel energies but failed as all Sin'dorei.

puzzill @wowinsider Norgoth watched the alchemy table became ablaze with bubbling delights

wawoodworth @wowinsider There I stood, blade in hand, and the orc fell.

suprgirl83 @wowinsider The mesmerizing DK stopped everyone in their tracks as she passed.

sirurza @wowinsider Lerra, the bright magus, discover her destiny at Wyrmrest Temple.

puzzill @wowinsider Beezbub Nothing stopped Beezbub from creating another imp, not this time.

puzzill @wowinsider Leona peered around, examined her sword, a long day awaits

Aoikari @wowinsider it was all going so well until I woke up.

rikitikitik @wowinsider Tauren warrior snorts at the wimpy gnome mage, then charges...

LizHolla @wowinsider Finally, Thrall admitted his love for the Lady Sylvanus

tselmorrah @wowinsider The death knight wailed at his lover's feet.

Lord_Malvern @wowinsider Mage's fire spell burns the flesh of the tauren, herbs.

TheFlameCrow @wowinsider The stealthy Night Elf went over to Org, prepared kill.

FrakTruck @wowinsider sighting his enemy, the hunter drew back his bow

JoshJosa @wowinsider The human priet annihilates the lich king using his mindcontrol.


Jazdan @wowinsider Guild screen shots after killing Freya and Thorim really rock!

atomicdream @wowinsider "Hey guys, I think Council's up the stairs."

neillium @wowinsider Enter room, it's your doom. Do the dance, avoid flames.

mitgr81 @wowinsider Who talked to domo?!

aubretigre @wowinsider Yeah, I'm resto, but I can tank that.

Killblue @wowinsider "Pulling - Spread out - Heroism - Battle rez - Burn him - LOOT - Grats"

evianbottle @wowinsider KT one percent... 0 percent... wipe.. #&##&%%

Rilgon @wowinsider "Here's Loatheb. Disc Priest, why are you not shielding? RAGE!"

VioletPheonix @wowinsider Pull carefully, crowd control failed! Huntard wiped us all... again.

krizzlybear @wowinsider one more. "The rogue moved during flame wreath, then everyone blew up."

JakeMehlin @wowinsider I'm going to take a drink every time Ignis says burn....

threeparts @wowinsider Blizz hates draenei! My hooves can't climb ulduar stairs. :(

locktart @wowinsider One shotting bosses in Ulduar, thanks to a Karatechop exploit.

Scarmath @wowinsider Still need healer. Please come back. We kicked that rogue.

sircastor @wowinsider Downed Mimiron in Ulduar, outfitter forgot my pants and shoes

cepenney @wowinsider Thumbs up, let's do this... LEEEERRROOOOY JEEEENNNKIIINNSSS!!!!

XandosFiretree @wowinsider Battered but enthusiastic, the guild returns from learning Ulduar strategy.

paulje00 @wowinsider "Wrath Boss Guide - Don't Stand in Stuff"

_sms @wowinsider "Crushem was feared! Many whelps, left side! NOW HANDLE IT!"

TragicDog @wowinsider guys, don't go up to the top... damn it! RUUUUUNNNN

Night0wl @wowinsider Hydraxian Waterlords, need daily quests, Ragnaros respawns to slow, Farmed/

EzzyV @wowinsider Destro Warlocks make fire mage nerd rage without imp shadowbolt.

Descentia @wowinsider Ready for pull? Ok here we g.... oops cat form.

XandosFiretree @wowinsider Twenty-five mercenaries plunder an historical site and murder the custodians.

_Jeg_ @wowinsider Raid starts, tank and spank, uhoh pat, we're all dead.

locktart @wowinsider rule number one of raiding, do not stand in shit.

amarafox @wowinsider At the antechamber teleport don't run forWAR-augh dead raid!

_erica @wowinsider "Don't shield!" "Why?" "Prevents regen from vapors." "Uh, no it doesn't."

Serneum @wowinsider That sound just like Science of War's raid leader whenever he dies

stoppableforce @wowinsider "Remember, guys: teleporters and autorun are not best friends."

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