EGM sold to original founder, resumes publication this year

Jem Alexander
J. Alexander|05.30.09

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EGM sold to original founder, resumes publication this year
Electronic Gaming Monthly, which died when UGO bought out the 1UP brand in January, is being resurrected by its original founder, Steve Harris. Harris, who started EGM in 1989, has regained the print and online publishing rights from Ziff Davis Media as part of an undisclosed agreement. Harris intends to relaunch the magazine in the second half of 2009 and says he has "exciting plans for the evolution of what will once again be a leading independent voice for the gaming community."

There's no word yet on whether ex-EGM staff will be making a return to the magazine, or if Harris is in talks with UGO to re-establish a partnership with 1UP, but more details are due to be revealed during E3 next week. We guess in this case print really isn't dead.
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