HTC Touch Pro2 unboxed with tempered excitement

Ross Miller
R. Miller|05.29.09

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HTC Touch Pro2 unboxed with tempered excitement
It's time for HTC's Touch Pro2 to join the ranks of every other modern phone in getting its own unboxing video. An enthusiastic PocketNow has the honors, and even goes so far as to utilize the infamous "smell test" to confirm it is in fact a genuine leather case included. Sized up to the original Touch Pro, it's got a more spread out keyboard, larger screen and thinner form factor -- all welcome additions, if you ask us. We can't imagine it being a deal breaker, but just so you know, the slide-out tilt doesn't go as extreme as its predecessor in that form factor, HTC's Titan. Living vicariously through video can be accomplished after the break -- it's not yet available stateside, but if you can't wait, there's always import.
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