Ericsson's fashion-forward W30 series 3G routers get detailed

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|05.30.09

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Ericsson's fashion-forward W30 series 3G routers get detailed
It's not every day that we use "Ericsson," "sexy," and "3G router" all in the same sentence, so you can understand our excitement upon learning everything there is to know about the company's new W30 and W35 models. Calling it "3G" might be an understatement, actually -- these bad boys will do a purely theoretical 7.2Mbps down and 2.0Mbps up on three hair-raising HSPA bands in addition to quadband EDGE. Both models offer 802.11b / g and four Ethernet ports for routing that high-speed WWAN data however you see fit, and the W35 ups the ante by throwing two RJ11 ports on board for VoIP connectivity. The W35 looks to be shipping in early June, so clear a nice little feng shui spot on your kitchen counter where it can sit, get friendly compliments from the neighbors, and enhance your calm.

[Thanks, Scott H.]
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