One Shots: Heading for a jump

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The fun thing about jumping in EVE Online - or maybe not so fun if you don't have your clone updated/are in a jump clone - is never knowing what you're jumping into. It could be a peaceful system with nothing going on, you could be about to get hammered on the other side of the gate. Today's One Shots sent in to us by CJ shows off one of these gates players tend to run into. CJ writes: I'm sure you get tons of one shots from the EVE Online community constantly, but one thing I haven't seen on the site are probably the one thing every EVE player is going to use more than even space stations: stargates. Good thing they are quite a wonder to look at.

Have you been exploring parts of your favorite game that we haven't seen here? All games are welcome, all images too! Send us combat, static shots, landscapes (spacescapes?) you name it, to oneshots AT massively DOT com. Some information like your name, guild/corp, server, and a description of what's going on in the screenshot is awesome too. We'll post it up here and give you credit.
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