Toshiba NB205 hands-on, looking rather sweet

Laptop's just put up its hands-on of Toshiba's latest 10.1-inch netbook, the NB205. They're giving it pretty high marks as far as design goes, calling the keyboard and trackpad "stellar," and the battery "promising." It boasts an LED-backlit LCD which they're pretty fond of, and we have to say we're really liking the metal look ourselves. The NB205 will come in two configurations, with the higher-end boasting an Intel Atom N280 CPU, 1GB of RAM and an 160GB hard drive with Windows XP Home. The lower end model can be had for $349 (it's got a plastic, non-island style keyboard), while the metal, higher end model will will run $399 (the former will come in pink, white, blue and brown, while the latter will be available in black only). There is one more shot after the break; hit the read link for video of it in action.