New DSiware revealed: Prehistorik Man, Six in One Translator

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New DSiware revealed: Prehistorik Man, Six in One Translator

Nintendo has cracked open the vault of upcoming titles due out later this year, and there's quite a few new titles mentioned for DSiWare. A few we already knew about (Gameloft's Uno and Hudson's Sudoku games were expected), but Prehistorik Man, published by Interplay, is an old SNES game (so Virtual Console we guess?), and there's a working title for a DSiWare game called Six in One Translator. Could you be translating between six different languages on your DSi sometime later this year? There are also quite a few "Domo" games planned -- we're guessing these are games that have to do with the popular Japanese Domo character, though

The full list of publishers, games, and expected release dates is after the break.

Uno™- Summer 2009

Sudoku Master - June 2009
Sudoku Student - June 2009

Prehistorik Man - Summer 2009

Mario vs. Donkey Kong™: Minis March Again! - June 8, 2009
Flipnote Studio™ - Summer 2009
Crash-Course Domo™ - TBD
Hard-Hat Domo™ - TBD
Mario™ Calculator - TBD
Mario™ Clock - TBD
Pro-Putt Domo™ - TBD
Rock-n-Roll Domo™ - TBD
Six in One Translator (working title) - TBD
White-Water Domo™ - TBD

Mighty Flip Champs!™ - Summer 2009
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