Apple iPhone 3.0 rumor roundup, part II: parental controls and sketchy shots

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|06.04.09

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Apple iPhone 3.0 rumor roundup, part II: parental controls and sketchy shots

WWDC can't possibly come soon enough at this point, with the usual endless array of random, oft-conflicting iPhone rumors being tempered only somewhat by the impending release of its archrival, the Pre. Meanwhile, though, we're once again on cleanup duty -- and the latest batch of rumors brings us a new alleged shot of the phone (or one of them, anyway, assuming there are multiple models coming down the pike). If we had to guess, this is supposed to be a graphic you'd see on Apple's web store, and while the black border coincides with everything we believe to be true about the new gear, the "Available today" text there gives us pause -- Apple really hasn't pulled that kind of instant-inventory stunt lately and we've been led to believe from the previous two iPhone launches that it's basically impossible to make it happen with that kind of device.

Moving on, spelunking through iTunes' inner workings has yielded more evidence that suggest Apple will introduce Nike+ support -- a feature arguably long overdue on the iPhone -- and some sort of FM radio tagging, though it's not clear whether it'll be used with an integrated tuner (a rumored feature) or simply as a memory-jogger when listening to another radio. Our money is on the former. Finally, we have what appear to be some screen shots of iPhone 3.0's new parental control system for applications in action, showing exactly what happens when you try to install some sick, lewd, objectionable material from the App Store -- check out our little gallery below for that.

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