iPhone 3G vs. iPhone 3GS: the tale of the tape

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|06.08.09

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Chris Ziegler
June 8, 2009 4:26 PM
iPhone 3G vs. iPhone 3GS: the tale of the tape

The very first thing we want to know about this newfangled iPhone 3G S is exactly what we're getting for our extra Benjamin (or two, depending on the model you spring for). We don't have all the answers just yet -- Apple's being coy about processor specs on the 3G S, for example -- but here's what we do know so far.


iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G S
Price $99 8GB ($299 for ineligible upgraders)
$199 16GB, $299 32GB ($399 and $499 for ineligible upgraders)
Processor 412MHz ARM 11
600MHz ARM 11
Graphics capability
OpenGL ES 1.1
OpenGL ES 2.0
2.0 megapixel fixed focus
3.0 megapixel autofocus with macro mode and auto white balance
Video recording None 30fps VGA with on-device editing capability
Voice control
Dialing, music control
Nike+ support
Wireless technologies 3.6Mbps HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR 7.2Mbps HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
Water- and oil-resistant finish
No Yes
Integrated magnetic compass
No Yes
Included headphones
Standard Inline remote for music control
Battery life
Up to 5 hours talk time / data on 3G, 10 hours on 2G

Up to 6 hours data on WiFi

Up to 24 hours audio

Up to 7 hours video
Up to 5 hours talk time / data on 3G, 12 hours on 2G

Up to 9 hours data on WiFi

Up to 30 hours audio

Up to 10 hours video
115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3mm 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3mm
133 grams / 4.69 oz.
135 grams / 4.76 oz.

Update: Turns out the original 3G only supports OpenGL ES 1.1, not 2.0. Thanks, Andri S.!
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