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WWDC 2009 Keynote meta-liveblog

Steve Sande
Steve Sande|@stevensande|June 8, 2009 12:50 PM
The keynote is now complete and the full liveblog is at the link below.


1:18PM One more thing: existing AT&T customers who want to upgrade from another phone or replace an iPhone 3G, the price with a new two-year agreement is $499 (8GB), $599 (16GB), or $699 (32GB) -- Officially called the iPhone 3G S

1:14PM Remember that we will have a ton of coverage of all of today's announcements, as well as continuing coverage of WWDC 2009. For The Unofficial Apple Weblog, this is Steve Sande signing off. Thank you for visiting us today!

1:12PM We had a lot of help from the live feeds provided by http://www.arstechnica.com, http://www.gizmodo.com, http://macrumorslive.com and especially our corporate cousins at Engadget, who generously let us share their photography. A huge thank you to Daniel Brusilovsky, who was our "man in the keynote" today and who provided a ton of input live from the floor.

1:11PM For TUAW, I'd like to thank Christina Warren, Cory Bohon, Casey Johnston, Chris Ullrich, Mike Jones, Mike Rose, Erica Sadun, Megan Lavey, Robert Palmer, Victor Agreda, Mike Schramm, and Aron Trimble.

1:09PM Free for iPhone owners, but $9.99 for the folks who own iPod touch devices.

1:09PM New MacBook Air. Lots of stuff about iPhone 3.0 firmware, which becomes available on June 17th.

1:08PM New MacBook rebranding -- all MacBooks are now MacBook Pros. New pricing, new models, new longer battery life, new faster processors. FireWire 800 is back!

1:07PM OK, here's a wrap-up of what we heard: New iPhone 3GS, goes on sale on June 19th, $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB, and with video, new autofocus camera, faster processor. Must have!

1:06PM The keynote is now over, and we're all exhausted. My fingers are numb, my neck is hurting, and I could use a beer. It's 12:06 PM

1:05PM Once again, we apologize for our Tweets being down. Apparently we zapped too many tweets out into the tweetosphere and killed it.

1:04PM Phil Schiller is now summarizing the iPhone 3GS and Snow Leopard. Apple stock is now down only $2.96.

1:04PM Apple's stock is now down "only" 3.94 for the day.

1:03PM Apple store is still down

1:03PM Showing new ad with a spy breaking into a museum, spy is being "captured" on video by the new iPhone 3GS.

1:02PM Still no new on a Tablet Mac, though...

1:02PM June 19th for new iPhone 3GS

1:02PM Sorry, JUNE 19th!!!!

1:01PM July 19th!

1:01PM Still trying to get info on availability, folks.

1:01PM The original 3G will sell for $99 for an 8GB version.

1:00PM Case colors are Black and White, but not together.

1:00PM $299 for 32GB, $199 for 16GB

12:59PM iPhone 3GS price is $199, availability is...

12:59PM Arsenic free glass, PVC feed, packaging is 23% smaller, Mercury Free LCD -- Apparently powered by condensed unicorn tears.

12:59PM "Most environmentally friendly phone"

12:58PM Gizmodo: "hardware encryption, remote wipe, encrypted itunes backup"

12:58PM Improved battery life: 9 hours on wifi, 10 watching video, 30 hours of audio playback, 12 hours of 2G talk time, and 5 hours of 3G talk time

12:58PM Daniel has left our chat, as has Mike Rose. Mike is going on Fox Business news now.

12:57PM Can pipe audio to different ears for people with hearing difficulties.

12:57PM Lots of new acessibility settings like VoiceOver which will read aloud stuff you are hoving your finger over. Color inverstion, etc

12:56PM Support for Nike+

12:56PM Wish we could find out when this thing is hitting stores. If it's available now, I'll be leaving the liveblog very quickly...

12:56PM Built in digital compass.

12:55PM iPod app by voice: "Play all songs by Barry Manilow"

12:55PM Can control iTunes by talking now!

12:55PM Commands you can say float around the background of the UI

12:54PM Gizmodo: "Schiller says iPhone 3GS will be the most popular mobile video device"

12:54PM Press and hold down home button for a few seconds to get into the voice control and dialing

12:54PM And finally, voice control and voice dialing!

12:53PM MR The videos live alongside photos in the same application. You can scrub a video and edit it too. You can share the video right from your iPhone 3GS to YouTube, MobileMe, MMS, and email.

12:53PM Whoops, sorry. That was a demo of the macro lens setting. Very nice!

12:52PM Video demo

12:52PM Camera app - switch on bottom that flips between still and video. Engadget had this quite awhile ago. Video is done right - 30 fps.

12:51PM Also captures video!

12:51PM That's 4 inches

12:51PM MacRumors: Also features tap-to-focus. Tap on the part of the photo you want to focus, and it automatically does so. Automatically handles exposure and white balance. Better low-light sensitivity as well. Also, auto-macro -- as close as 10cm away.

12:50PM Auto macro setting

12:50PM You tap an item in the photo to focus on it. Improved low light sensitivity.

12:50PM Auto exposure, auto light balance. Tap to focus is a new software feature.

12:49PM Sorry, I got excited there!


12:49PM 3 megapixel autofocus camera

12:49PM Brand new built in camera

12:48PM Built in 7.2MBps HSDPA for data xfer

12:48PM Game devs will find OpenGL|ES 2.0

12:48PM Gizmodo: The back is still glossy, apparently...

12:48PM Launch messages 2.1x faster.

12:48PM Loading and rendering NYT website is 3x faster.

12:48PM Everything is 2x to 3x faster

12:47PM Same form factor, faster processor, no front facing camera. Faster, longer battery life. Details?

12:47PM John Gruber got that one right. Dammit.

12:47PM It is the 3GS, S for Speed


12:46PM New iPhone 3Gs!

12:46PM Ars: Phil is showing the # of apps available on the apple app store compares to Android, Novi, and Pre store

12:46PM Ars Technica: Phil is showing a graph that incidates that 2/3rds of all mobile browsing happens on an apple mobile device

12:45PM Ars: Phil says the iphone has changed phones forever.It has changed what people do with a phone and what people expect

12:44PM Scott Forstall has wrapped up, and now Phil is back on stage. It's 12:44 PM. Do you know where your iPhone is?

12:43PM Developers get golden master iPhone 3.0 code today

12:43PM That explains the iCal icon that was on the WWDC banner

12:43PM REPEAT - iPhone 3.0 available on June 17th

12:43PM And that's it for the demos. iPhone 3.0 available for free, $9.95 for iPod touch. June 17th availability!

12:42PM Brett Terpstra will LOVE that one and probably write a post for you later today.

12:41PM TheAppleBlog: Mobile MIDI allows musicians to carry their sound with them and choose from 80 different amps and guitars. Electric & accoustic!

12:41PM Below: Zipcar unlock in Zipcar app!

12:39PM See press release here: http://line6.com/news/pressReleases/841

12:39PM Line 6 is talking about MIDI Mobilizer™, a portable Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) device, and Planet Waves Rig Remote™ iPhone software for use with Apple iPhone and iPod touch® using OS 3.0.

12:38PM And check out the Buy an iPhone page right now, folks: https://buyiphone.apple.com/down.html

12:38PM Now Marcus Ryle from Line 6/Planet Waves is speaking. He's the Co-Founder and Sr. VP of this company.

12:37PM Ars: The app actually unlocks the car so you don't have to swipe your card

12:36PM Ars: Reserve, put in time information, confirm reservation, help find your car (get directions)... can even tap horn icon on the app and the car will beep

12:36PM Gizmodo: with textbook publishers being highlighted at keynote, Apple must be taking on the Kindle.

12:35PM Ars: Maps embedded in the application let you search, pan, zoom into Zipcar loations around the city

12:34PM Now Luke Schneider from Zipcar is on the stage. Zipcar lets you rent cars for a few hours in some major cities.

12:34PM Hey, everyone. The Apple Site is showing the new MacBooks!

12:33PM That's Scott Forstall in the lab coat! LOL.

12:32PM He's blowing up a balloon (or not, as the case may be) and it's displaying on the screen (Balloon physics app)

12:32PM For info about Pasco, check out http://www.pasco.com

12:32PM Ars: Scott Forstall just came out in a ridiculous scientist outfit

12:31PM Ars: Students can connect Pasco sensors to collect, display, analyze science data. The Spark application for iPhone will allow students to do that

12:30PM Wayne Grant from Pasco is now speaking. I have no idea who this company is.

12:30PM Ars: StarDefense is launching today, but 3.0 features will be available "around the time of OS 3.0 launch" Me: And when the heck is that?

12:29PM This could be a new record for length of a keynote, as we're quickly coming up on 90 minutes. Apple stock is -4.26 at this point; no word on new iPhones.

12:27PM Next up, ngmoco!

12:26PM TomTom app will be available this summer with a range of national and international maps

12:26PM Turn by turn spoken directions. Navigation is "all about safety" so TomTom has an optional accessory that lets you attach iPhone to the windshield and will connect through Dock Connector

12:25PM Below: TomTom Nav App

12:25PM Easy to use in car! Duh!

12:25PM ARS: Portrait or landscape mode, spoken directions

12:24PM Ars: Plan a route, leave form where you are (Moscone West), route is calculated using TomTom's algorithms and data for the best route for that time of day

12:23PM Peter-Frans Pauwels from TomTom up to speak

12:23PM Speaker from TomTom is coming upnext. Can we say navigation, finally?

12:22PM And here's the Critical Care application. Pretty cool, huh?

12:21PM Below is a shot from Engadget showing Push Notification at work in iPhone 3.0

12:20PM MR: Next demo, ScrollMotion -- creates digital books for the App Store.

12:19PM Medical community is "flocking" to the iPhone, sneak peek at AirStrip Critical Care app

12:18PM Gizmodo: graphics quality is better than DS

12:17PM Apologies for our live-tweet fail over at @tuaw_wwdc. We hit our upper tweet limit for the hour!

12:17PM Mark Hickey from Gameloft is demoing Asphalt 5, a 3D racing experience for iPhone and iPod touch.

12:16PM Megan - "Maybe this is the Rick Roll Keynote. You know, the real keynote will start at 12PT" Ha!

12:15PM Bloggers are thinking that there has to be a "one more thing" coming up. Most of this is stuff we already knew, although the new MacBook Pros were a real shocker.

12:14PM Mark Hickey is from Gameloft.

12:14PM Mark Hickey is now up to talk -- Sr. Business Development Manager.

12:13PM They seem to be going over the March keynote, BTW.

12:13PM Ars: Next is Push Notifications which are in iPhone OS 3.0. Provided a generic service for developers so they can push things like breaking news, scoring, etc.

12:12PM Starting to talk about accessories support for developers right now.

12:11PM Peer to Peer support for gaming is being discussed. That would be great for setting up multiplayer sessions

12:10PM New iPhone 3.0 will allow subscriptions to be made on a month-to-month basis.

12:09PM We're all thinking that Steve Jobs is sitting at home, enjoying a nice cup of tea right about now...

12:09PM Now talking about "in app purchasing". That's where you can purchase another app or service from within an app.

12:08PM Now a remote wipe command as well. If you lose your phone, you can send it a message from online or your home phone, it'll play a sound whether or not you left it in silent mode

12:07PM Hopefully you haven't had a 30 Rock experience, but Apple created Find My iPhone as a service available only to MobileMe customers on iPhone OS 3.0

12:06PM Find My iPhone is available only to MobileMe subscribers.

12:06PM Showing a 30 Rock segment. Not sure what it's all about, but...

12:05PM A new "Find My iPhone" feature -- I could have used this a few months ago, LOL!

12:05PM Now talking about language support.

12:04PM Autofill: optionally remember your usernames and passwords to easily log into your favorite websites. Not good when you lose your iPhone!

12:04PM Engadget: This works with Macs and PCs, wired over USB, or wireless with Bluetooth. It is a seamless experience. There's no need to run any software once it's turned on. This requires carrier support. We have 22 partners in 44 countries..."

12:04PM Personal note: it would be interesting to see how far AT&T's stock price just dropped.

12:03PM iPhone OS 3.0 runs javascript 3x faster than iPhone OS 2.2.1 HTTP streaming audio and video--picks the right bitrate and data quality depending on your connection

12:03PM Now talking about Autofill in Safari...

12:03PM Tethering will be available from 22 carriers in 42 countries.


12:02PM That's Spotlight in action *from Engadget*

12:02PM Works with Mac or PC, USB or Bluetooth. (

12:01PM Tethering allows you to share iPhone's internet connection with your computer

12:01PM Added control over a number of other items, including fine-grained control for movies, TV shows, and apps from the App Store. Parent can limit child to only viewing G and PG movies, for example

12:01PM One hour into the Keynote, and they're still going strong. Now talking about tethering.

12:00PM Parental controls improved in iPhone 3.0. We're still waiting for more news here,guys.

11:59AM Can now rent and purchase movies right on the phone (from Daniel B., our man on the floor!)

11:59AM Spotlight is being added to iPhone 3.0, but we already knew this back in March. a single location on your home screen that lets you search across your phone, including applications.

11:58AM Crowd is booing loudly!

11:58AM AT&T will be ready to support MMS later this summer

11:58AM 29 of the carrier partners in 76 countries will support MMS at the launch of iPhone OS 3.0

11:57AM MMS SUPPORT, finally

11:57AM Undo support could be fun for liveblogging... ;-)

11:56AM Bringing a touch-based interface with copy/paste to the phone. Works across all apps including ones form the App Store, Undo support, Developer APIs

11:56AM Now talking about iPhone 3.0 - Next up is iPhone OS 3.0, a major update to the iPhone operating system, bringing with it more than 100 new features

11:55AM Video is over

11:55AM ENGADGET: Developer in the video says "I think I'll never go back to the traditional way of making games again"

11:54AM Video: ENGADGET: Exchange contacts and calendars are integrated with your personal data, but kept separate. You can also drag a contact out of Address Book and directly into a calendar to create an event. Nice.

11:54AM Apple introduces Mac OS X Server Snow Leopard as well. No news on it yet

11:53AM To recap if you just joined us -- new MacBook Pros across the board, faster, thinner, better battery life, including 13" MBP. Snow Leopard coming in September for $29 upgrade, $169 retail.

11:53AM TUAW team is telling me that they're working on detailed posts on all of the announcements so far. Would you believe †hat Twitter is running about 4 minutes behind "real time" so far? We're taking it down!!!

11:51AM ** crickets **

11:50AM They're rolling a video right now talking about the success of the iPhone over the last year. Over 1,000,000 SDK downloads.

11:49AM On April 23rd, 1 billion apps sold

11:49AM 40 million iphones/ipod touches have been sold

11:49AM 50,000 apps in the app store, according to Scott Forstall.

11:48AM iPhone: Phinally!

11:48AM Mike Rose of TUAW will be on Fox Business later today discussing today's events.

11:48AM Developer preview of Snow Leopard is available today

11:47AM Mike Rose is heading off to Fox to do a TV interview

11:46AM ENG: Mail auto-discovers Exchange data, and also provides Spotlight search for Exchange messages.

11:45AM ENGADGET: Exchange contacts and calendars are integrated with your personal data, but kept separate. You can also drag a contact out of Address Book and directly into a calendar to create an event. Nice.

11:45AM Ars: really simple to set up: set to autodiscover the exchange server in Mail

11:45AM ArsTechica: Mac has Office, integrates with Windows IT services, but what's missing is Exchange. So we've decided to build Exchange support into Snow Leopard into main 3 apps: Mail, iCal, Address Book

11:42AM "So let's talk business -- what we've been missing is Exchange. So we've built in Exchange support to Mail, Calendar, and Address Book."

11:42AM Now doing a demo of Microsoft Exchange support in Snow Leopard!

11:42AM Update: Upgrade to Snow Leopard from Leopard is $29, retail price is $169.

11:39AM Gizmodo: Giz: Threads are fairly inefficient, so they're using Grand Central dispatch, which is built-in support for multi-core in all of Snow Leopard.

11:39AM Grand Central Dispatch, NOT Station.

11:38AM MR: 64bit enables use of the large amounts of RAM computers now have, math calculations are 2X faster. Multi-core presents a challenge -- how to make best use of them. Current methods don't provide granular enough control over them. Grand Central Station, built into Snow Leopard, solves this problem.

11:38AM Wow! Great graphic!

11:37AM All Apple apps will be 64 bit!

11:37AM Multi-core support is built into Snow Leopard. That allows developers to really take advantage of multiple processor cores.

11:36AM Now talking about 64-bit. 2x faster, up to 16 TB memory limit?

11:35AM Engadget: https://www.engadget.com/2009/06/08/apple-shipping-snow-leopard-in-september-29-upgrade/

11:34AM Say goodbye to Windows 7!

11:34AM A PR was sent out by Apple that says Snow Leopard will be available in September for $29.

11:33AM WIndow title bar now fades. Full history search in safari using cover flow.

11:30AM "We're going to start with Dock and the Finder. Let's talk about Stacks -- in SL, stacks handle content" You can go deeper in level on stacks now, down to other folders.

11:30AM Apple stock price is down -4.22 right now.

11:29AM Erica:Bored with Snow Kitty -- Want iPhone!

11:29AM Engadget: "We're going to start with Dock and the Finder. Let's talk about Stacks -- in SL, stacks handle content" You can go deeper in level on stacks now, down to other folders.

11:29AM MR: Stacks handle lots of content better -- scrolling, drilling into folders. Finder lets you magnify thumbnails on the fly, similar to iPhoto. Can step through multi-page documents and play videos right through Finder.

11:28AM BTW, many of the updates here are from MacRumors (MR)

11:28AM Quicktime player has a brand new interface -- the content is the focus, not the application. Now demoing Snow Leopard.

11:27AM graig federighi is demoing it

11:27AM QT offers hardware acceleration, HTTP streaming, ColorSync, Modern foundation

11:27AM Changes to QuickTime UI.

11:25AM Safari 4 in Snow Leopard is crash-resistant!

11:25AM #1 cause of crashes is plugins.

11:25AM Erica: Not as secure or stable as Chrome, but much prettier!

11:24AM Safari: Unsurpassed speed for HTML and JavScript, faster than Chrome, Firefox, IE 8

11:24AM Safari 4 is now out of Beta!

11:23AM Chinese input through the trackpad; you can draw Chinese characters with your finger on the trackpad.

11:23AM Built Expose into the Dock. Click and hold on an app icon, and all of its open windows appear in typical Expose style. 45% faster installation of the OS. Recover over 6GB of disk space after upgrading from Leopard.

11:23AM Once you're in Snow Leopard, you can't go back, says Erica. You can open PDFs and JPGs much faster.

it's official guys, apple calls the spinning beach ball (pizza, pinwheel, et al.) the "wait cursor)

11:22AM Over 6 GB of space is recovered from your hard drive after installing Snow Leopard

11:21AM Installation is now 45% faster!

11:21AM What's new about the dock is that Expose is build into the Dock. Finder has been rewritten in Cocoa.

11:21AM New service manager, new dock, new "Eject Manager" (WTF?)

11:20AM Apple has come from a different place -- they love Leopard and wanted to build upon it. They set a challenge for themselves to build a better Leopard -- lots of refinement, powerful new technologies, and Exchange support.

11:20AM Cory: Mac OS X Tablet will be called LeoPAD! LOL!

11:19AM Snow Leopard... We're waiting to build a better Leopard.
Lots of refinements, new technologies, and built-in Exchange support.

11:19AM Tipster says that the local AT&T store has had a new iPhone in the backfor a week.

11:19AM Making fun of Windows 7. How it's not going to compete with Mac OS X. Same old technology as Vista.

11:18AM Cory - I hope Mac OS X 10.7 will be Garfield.

11:18AM Bertrand Serlet to talk about Mac OS X.

FireWire 800 on all models of the MBP.

11:16AM Now 1.8GHz is $1499 ($300 less than before), and now you can get 128GB SSD for $1799 (that's $700 less than previous config)

11:16AM 13" MacBook Pro is available today, along with the other models.

11:16AM MacBook Air is getting an upgrade! Yaha! 1.86 GHz, 128 SSD. White plastic 13" MacBook got updated a couple weeks ago. To complete the picture, update the MacBook Air today

11:15AM The 13" MacBook is now called a MacBook Pro. Starts at $1,199. Cheaper than the MacBook it replaces. Ranges from $1,199 to $1,499 in standard configurations.

11:14AM 13" MBP!

11:12AM Now the 17" gets updated too: also 2.8GHz, also 500GB hard drive, retains ExpressCard slot (for high-end audio products), now $300 less at $2499

Highest-end is $2299 ($200 less than before): 2.8GHz, 500GB hard drive, 9400M + 9600GT

11:12AM Glad I have a USB AirCard!

11:11AM 9600M GT video card, $2299 for the 2.8 GHz version. The 17" is also gettign an upgrade, the 17" will continue to have the express card slot.

11:11AM Erica Sadun: "Versus Dell mini 9 at $350". LOL!

11:10AM Not for the fully-loaded, fastest machine, of course!

11:10AM Pricing starts at $1699.

11:10AM Up to 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB SSD drive, no Express Card, 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 6 MB Level 2 cache.

11:09AM The new 15" has a brand new display; nicest in any of their laptops. 60% color gamut increase. Now has a SD card slot.

11:09AM We weren't expecting a new MacBook, that's for sure. TUAW bloggers are saying they all want one. I second that emotion!

11:08AM SD card slot! FINALLY!

11:08AM Most customers will never need to replace the battery. When it does need to be replaced, recycling options available at Apple stores.

11:08AM New 15" is just as thin as the MacBook Air!!!!

11:07AM The removable battery is good for 1,000 recharge cycles and 5 years of life.

11:07AM It has a new built-in battery with up to 7 hours of life: "Packed with features, insanely thin (MacBook Air). We liked this so much, we took it across other products like the MacBook and MacBook Pro"

11:06AM The unibody evolved from the MacBOok Air. Majority of new customers are choosing the MacBook. There's a new version of the 15" MacBook Pro!

11:06AM Phil Schiller is talking about Mac laptops now.

11:05AM Sorry. We're back after some technical difficulties.

11:02AM John Hodgeman, PC from the ads: "Welcome to the WWDC... I want to be the first to wish you a week with some innovation... but not too much." "You've already sold 1 billion apps... don't you think that's enough?"

11:02AM OK, we're live!

10:57AM The keynote is starting. They're telling all of the folks in attendance to turn of phones and pagers....as if all of those iPhones are going to be turned off...

10:56AM Whoa, also Aron Trimble, Brett Terpstra, and new blogger Casey Johnston! Welcome to TUAW on the busiest day of the year, Casey!

10:55AM We're also joined Daniel Brusilovsky of the Apple Universe podcast & Teens in Tech", who will be attempting to get news to us live from the floor!

10:54AM I'm joined today by all the bloggers in the TUAW corral -- Mike Rose, Victor Agreda, Megan Lavey, Cory Bohan, Robert Palmer, Erica Sadun, Mike Jones, and I hope I haven't missed anyone...

10:52AM This is Steve Sande, your TUAW host for today's meta-liveblog of the 2009 Worldwide Developer Conference keynote address.

10:51AM Good morning (or afternoon) wherever you may be in the Apple world!