WoW Moviewatch: Alliance vs. Horde - Episode 1

Michael Gray
M. Gray|06.11.09

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WoW Moviewatch: Alliance vs. Horde - Episode 1

We've seen WoW-based Mac commercial spoofs before, such as the epically famous Frost Shock. BroncoTV is now continuing the legacy with their own donation to the effort, Alliance vs. Horde - Episode 1. The series will be focused on the two player factions, and their ongoing argument about who is better and why.

This particular episode digs up the old chestnut about who has the best girlfriend and why. I admit, I had a brief chuckle when the dwarf claimed Onyxia as his girlfriend. I guess I can't blame him, as there was something a little fetching about her appearance in BLIND.

Ultimately, I thought the video was amusing, and I really look forward to more. I think the later episodes are going to get better, though, as the authors expand their development of the two main characters. As these figures "grow up" in the comedy series, I think the dialogue will get even better.

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