Zeo's Personal Sleep Coach makes money from your insomnia

We've seen a few devices that claim to cure insomnia with expensive lights and magnetic headgear, but if you're serious about getting some sleep you should definitely check out Zeo's Personal Sleep Coach. At night a SoftWave sensor-equipped headband collects data pertaining to your sleep habits (or lack of), which you can then parse on your PC (via SD card). It's like having a University sleep clinic right there in your flop house! And if that isn't enough, the device's SmartWake alarm clock can be set to get you out of bed at your "natural awakening point," decreasing the grogginess one feels when waking from Deep sleep. Order now for $399 and get free shipping. Sort of pricey, sure, but much more cost effective than that $1.5 million dollar floating bed -- which doesn't actually look that comfortable, at all. Video after the break.

[Via Engadget Poland]