Shuttle's H7 5800 packs Core i7 and all the trimmings into a small form factor PC

These days, Shuttle's particular brand of small form factor PC isn't as exactly stunning as it once was, but it's still fun to see just how much they can cram in there. Shuttle has taken its barebones SX58H7 Core i7 kit and is now offering it preconfigured with Core i7 Extreme processors, 6GB of RAM and GeForce GTX 285 graphics (With support for SLI or ATI CrossFireX). Unfortunately the base price for the H7 5800 is a silly high $2,149, and once you actually get to any of those previously mentioned trimmings, you're looking at around $4k for a computer. It might be slight technical feat, but we can't imagine Shuttle burning up the sales charts with this one. The barebones kit retails for $719.