Audyssey's Sub Equalizer aims to tame the pro bass

Steven Kim
S. Kim|06.16.09

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Audyssey's Sub Equalizer aims to tame the pro bass
Audyssey Sub Equalizer
Audyssey's Sub Equalizer may be targeted at the pro market, but if it's good enough for the pros, some enterprising home enthusiast will find a place for it in their home setup. Much like the Paradigm Perfect Bass Kit we just reviewed, the Audyssey Sub Equalizer will do its level best to get that pesky subwoofer properly integrated with the rest of your system -- except it'll work with subs of a non-Paradigm variety. For those who can't fit some upper-tier Denon, Onkyo/Integra, or NAD electronics into their signal chain, this little piece of kit brings the well-regarded MultEQ XT technology to your low Hertz. Available July 1, but with this being targeted at professionals (and looking the part, we might add), we've got a feeling that the price won't be wallet-friendly.
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