Telus to get BlackBerry Tour on July 15

We're hearing that Telus is primed to pick up the BlackBerry Tour right alongside -- if not before -- its US counterparts, getting real for customers on July 15. Pricing will come in at CAD $249.99 (about $220) on a promotional three-year deal, meaning that you need to be agreeing to a new contract on a voice plan of $20 or greater with a data package of $15 or greater. Otherwise you'll pay a whopping CAD $449.99 on a three-year all the way up to $649.99 contract-free. Of course, we suspect the Tour is so much better than the Curve and the 8800 series that people will be paying in droves at any price, but still, it's pretty painful to get in on this thing without springing for the promo.

[Thanks, Riley Freeman and Pirate]