Video: Novatel Wireless' GSM MiFi 2352 launches on Telefonica Espana

Remember that Novatel MiFi 2352 we got our hands on a few months back? Well, it looks like it got a little makeover just in time for yesterday's launch on Telefonica Espana. While we're digging the look of the thing, it's what's going on under the hood that really piqued our interest: Adding to the usual WiFi connectivity and encryption, this guy sports two processors, a separate Linux OS and additional flash RAM for hosting and running third party apps accessible to its WiFi clients. If anything, this suggests that Novatel has "big plans for the platform," as SlashGear notes. While available apps are currently limited to Alcatel-Lucent's Nonstop Laptop Guardian (a user admin package for enterprise users) we're looking forward to seeing what the company and its partners cook up in the future. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's commence with the unboxing. Shall we? Video's after the break.