DSi replacement cases available to careful people

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DSi replacement cases available to careful people
Are you confident enough to crack open your DSi and expose its delicate internals to dust, fingerprints, and your cat? Or has your DSi already been cracked open by an unfortunate accident? In either case, you may be happy to learn that XCM has launched a line of DSi replacement cases that allow you to change the color of your system.

The Eye Candy Shell comes in two existing DSi colors: black and white (the second of which may be of interest to North American DSi owners, since that color has yet to launch here), as well as chrome and the pictured crystal -- perfect for, say, showing off added LEDs and engraving a unicycling llama onto. For those of you willing to risk the integrity of your $170 console for a cosmetic change, XCM offers instructions and a list of online retailers carrying its products.

[Via Kotaku]
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