Evidently it's still cool to hate on Blu-ray: Harris Poll spin

Harris Poll results

We'd expect nothing less from some, and honestly 90 percent of the time we just ignore these types of posts, but when our friend CmdrTaco from Slashdot gets in on the fun we just can't help ourselves. It all started with that Harris Poll late last week in which stand-alone Blu-ray players got their own box instead of being grouped in with the PS3. So of course it's more fun to point out that only 7 percent of Americans own a stand-alone Blu-ray player than it is to recognize the fact that twice that many can actually watch Blu-ray Discs thanks to the PS3. So while it is true that HD DVD managed to sell more stand-alone players than Blu-ray, even today, it is still true that Sony's PS3 strategy was successful in selling more Blu-ray Discs than HD DVDs. Which is in the end what really matters.