Kogan's Twitter reading, Facebook browsing digiframe

Let's face it: digital picture frames are kind of lame. But companies seem to think that if they keep throwing more features at us we're going to suddenly decide that we actually want an extra 800 x 600 display that does nothing but flash pictures of the yokels we were escaping when we hitchhiked out of Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi, at the tender age of 16. To that end, Kogan's 8-inch WiFi LCD digiframe packs in a number of tricks we've seen before, and a few we haven't: it accepts photos via email, RSS feeds, Flickr, and Facebook. Email pics to a central address and see them displayed on a group of these things. The free SeeFrame app for iPhone even lets you send images directly from your handset. Or if Twitter's your bag, you can apparently view your feed on the thing as well. Sound great? All this can be yours for a not-so-cool AUD $169 (about $139 in the States). Now all you need are some friends -- friends with digital cameras (or access to a scanner). Sadly, not even Kogan can help you there.

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