Mytheon site launches with trailer, game to release in Q1 2010

James Egan
J. Egan|06.25.09

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Mytheon site launches with trailer, game to release in Q1 2010

Mytheon from Petroglyph Games is a title we've mentioned in the past, as it's a different take on the type of games we cover at Massively. Essentially it's an MMORTS, and as such may be comparable to titles like Dreamlords the Reawakening or even Atlantica Online. As its name implies, Mytheon is rooted in ancient world myths, which could be a nice departure from the numerous pure fantasy games on the market. At launch Mytheon will have content based in ancient world Greece and Egypt.

The game mechanics seem to be heavily tied in to power stones, which provide different benefits to the game's three classes. According to Petroglyph: "The collection and casting of Power Stones is the backbone of Mytheon. Power Stones initiate every in-game effect possible, from summoning minions and structures that fight for the player, to conjuring fireballs and lightning bolts and healing a party." Mytheon can be played solo, but will also have group and PvP gameplay options. The game's first trailer might give you a better idea of what to expect. It's embedded on the new game site, and offers some of the first glimpses at Mytheon's gameplay as well as the setting of Hades.
Mytheon will be free-to-play and supported by cash shop or item mall options, including double EXP potions, exclusive clothing, and "premium bundle packages". The game will be published by True Games Interactive and is expected to launch in Q1 2010. Beta registrations will be announced on their site as the launch date approaches.

As we said, Mytheon is a different animal from most titles we cover at Massively. Does an MMORTS based on real world myths rather than high/low fantasy appeal to you? Does the fact that Mytheon will be free-to-play have any impact on your interest in the game?
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