3 UK launches Nokia N97, Skype calling's a go

Updated ·1 min read

3 UK has thrown the N97 up on its site, so let the Nokia N97 orders begin. Of course, 3's "free calling" is plastered all over the N97's order page, so if you're a Skype fan, or an existing customer enjoying all that free calling, you'll still feel at home. Pricing on this do-it-all bad-boy is £free as long as you're willing to fork out £35 plus per month for the privilege. If you're more of a pay as you go type, fear not, you can still grab the N97, but it'll cost you somewhere in the £319 range. The website lists July 3rd as the earliest shipping date if you grab at it today, so quit reading and start ordering.

[Via Unwired View]