More adjustments to Final Fantasy XI jobs with the next version update

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|07.09.09

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More adjustments to Final Fantasy XI jobs with the next version update

More information pours in regarding the upcoming Final Fantasy XI July version update, and the news is all very positive. No nerfs are hiding on the horizon for the game -- instead it's just clear sailing with improvements to combat skill progression, circle protection spells, and blue magic.

All players will be happy to see Square-Enix has noted that combat and magic skills are suffering while players level quicker via the Fields of Valor quests and level sync. Because players are spending less time in each level, their skills in combat and magic are simply not advancing fast enough. To combat this, the rate of advancement for skill in weapons and magic has been boosted for the low and mid levels of the game.
Also, instead of simply reducing the 10 minute timer on the job-specific circle protection spells, such as the Paladin's Holy Circle and the Dark Knight's Arcane Circle, Square-Enix is making the choice to enhance the benefits of these spells. While the exact benefits aren't being made clear as of yet, they will be of a level to "justify the 10 minute cooldown."

Lastly, Blue Mages can rejoice, two more monster techniques are being added to their arsenal. Now all you need to do is find the monsters that perform these two new unnamed spells, and get wailed on enough to learn them.
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