Only one week left to sign up for EVE's Alliance Tournament VII

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|07.10.09

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Only one week left to sign up for EVE's Alliance Tournament VII

We're giving all of you capsuleers a friendly reminder that you have seven days remaining to sign up for the next Alliance Tournament in EVE Online. Jump in and test your mettle against some of EVE's best PvPers for the chance to win the tournament and take home the glory while your opponents get wrecked live on EVE TV. As usual, 64 alliances will be entered into this month long tournament, but only one group will walk away.

Please note, however, that the system is no longer first-come, first-served. 16 of last years winners are autoqualified, while the remaining 48 will be decided by random selection. There are also a few rules changes, so we recommend all interested parties check our post on these changes, even if you're already familiar with the tournament rules.

Interested alliance leaders in EVE can sign their alliance up for entry into the contest via EVE Insider. (Link requires an active EVE Online account.)
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