Games are making more money than all other electronics in Japan

It's a bit surprising to hear positive news regarding Japan's game industry -- in light of the general negative atmosphere that surrounds it. While some reports focus on the perpetual shrinking of the Japanese market, other reports, such as the latest from analysts Eurotechnology Japan KK, point out that the industry is doing much better than other electronic goods in this current economic climate.

Pitting the combined net annual income of the top nine gaming companies against the top 19 electronics companies, Eurotech Japan has found out that games have provided a more stable stream of revenue. Looking at the chart above, it would appear the global recession hasn't affected gaming as it has other electronics industries (giving more credence to the recession proof theory). Although, the chart also seems to indicate, in contrary to previous reports, that Japan's game industry isn't in decline but is rather in stagnation. Does that then mean if there was no recession, we'd be seeing healthier growth? Or does being "recession proof" also work in reverse?

[Via Cnet]