More server consolidations in WAR?

Brooke Pilley
B. Pilley|07.13.09

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Less than three weeks after launching Land of the Dead, the Warhammer Online Herald is reporting another round of free transfers from several source servers to a few destination servers. Members of Ironfist, Vortex, Monolith, Magnus, and Skull Throne have been urged to transfer to more populated servers. Players on all servers are being rewarded with an extra 20% experience and renown bonus to mark the occasion.

The latest WAR Grab Bag mentioned server merges specifically: "...we are expecting to resolve our long term population issues on our lower population servers and see high populations regularly as part and parcel of server merges that are currently in discussion."

Mythic consolidated (read: merged) 40 low population servers back in early March 2009, leaving the game with 14 servers in North America. Merging these new servers will eventually leave WAR with 9 active servers. Darren (aka The Common Sense Gamer) is wondering what a lot of us are wondering right now: Is Mythic still correcting for an overzealous server launch strategy or is the game's population no longer holding steady at 300,000?
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