Samsung Giorgio Armani 2 specs leaked by Bluetooth SIG

Ross Miller
R. Miller|07.14.09

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Samsung Giorgio Armani 2 specs leaked by Bluetooth SIG
As best as we can tell, that June 11th Armani event with Samsung and Microsoft came and went with nothing more than a new ad campaign featuring David Beckham in his knickers, and Sammy's June 15th solo fête was devoted to the Omnia lineup and said nothing of any impending Windows Mobile fashionphone. So whatever happened to the rumored luxury device? The Bluetooth SIG group has leaked specs of the Samsung B7620, which the company's Twitter feed labels as the Giorgio Armani 2. According to the product page, under the hood we're looking at a 800MHz processor, Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, A-GPS, Stereo FM Radio, WiFi, business card scanner, and the usual assortment audio / video codecs. Of course, the big deal here is gonna be what's it gonna look like on the exterior, and unfortunately this technological diva hasn't seen fit to leave her dressing room just yet.

[Via Mobilewhack]

Read - Bluetooth SIG's twitter account
Read - B7620's product details page
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