EVGA introduces rotatable dual-LCD InterView system

Man, talk about falling into a black hole at the R&D lab. A staggering 1.5 years after we first caught wind of the altogether intriguing InterView system from EVGA, the company is finally bringing it to market here in the US. Put simply, the device features twin rotatable 17-inch LCD displays, both supported by a single desktop stand. It was conceived in order to suit presentation givers, financial consultants and the elusive "creative professional" crowd, with each panel rocking a 1,440 x 900 resolution. The screens can rotate 180 degrees horizontally, fold 90 degrees from closed to full width apart and can even be controlled by two keyboards and mice, ensuring that sibling arguments reach peaks they've never reached before. There's also a built-in webcam, microphone and three-port USB hub, though it seems as if you'll be shopping for this thing without an MSRP to go by. Full release is after the break.

Update: The display will list for $649.99.

EVGA Introduces InterView Dual-Display

EVGA Interview Display is Redefining Today's Face to Face Business Interaction

BREA, California – EVGA Corporation, the leading-edge graphics
cards and motherboard manufacturer, today announced the availability of the
InterView, with two rotatable super-thin high resolution 17" TFT LCD displays
supported by one desktop stand. Designed for business presentations, researchers,
physicians, financial consultants or creative professionals, the 1440 x 900
resolution screens provide plenty of space and individual video quality adjustments
for even the most sensitive image viewing conditions.

The InterView screens rotate 180 degrees on a horizontal axis, inverting the onscreen
image to be right-side up to viewers on either side of the desk. The screens
also fold 90 degrees from completely closed to full width apart, accommodating any
workspace while providing the convenience and increased productivity that working
with multiple screens offers. Dual keyboard and mouse control make it easy for
viewers to take turns manipulating data and images while the other viewer sees it
from their side. The Interview comes with a built-in webcam and microphone
allowing users to add and view more participants through video conferencing. The
base features three USB ports and convenient controls for monitor settings, mic,
power and DMS connections.

Graphics and multimedia analyst, Dr. Jon Peddie of Jon Peddie Research did a
multi-monitor usage study and found that productivity increased up to 50 percent
or more when using multiple displays. "EVGA now enables in a single system what
used to be called a 'partners' desk, traditionally facilitating teamwork between two
executives while facing each other. Users can rotate one of the Interview's panels
over and both can see the same thing. Doctors can use it in a patient-doctor
relationship for reviewing X-rays with patients, teachers can use it for one-on-one
tutoring, engineers can use it where they want to have a collaborative discussion on
a design...and you can use it yourself for having more screen real estate because
the more you can see - the more you can do."

"We found the need to improve today's face to face interaction in all business
environments, and that is why we spent so much effort to develop the InterView,"
said Andrew Han, president of EVGA Corporation. "EVGA's unique, patented design
for the InterView, using two rotating displays will redefine business interaction
around the world."

The EVGA InterView dual-display is covered by numerous global patents.