Sony's plan for "snackable" PSP game and application downloads revealed

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Sony's plan for "snackable" PSP game and application downloads revealed
Sony already announced its intentions to bring more developers to the PSP platform at the big E3 gaming show last month. And the move to simplify its development tools was seen as a hint of new PSP applications beyond games. Now Develop has laid bare Sony's PSP development strategy as explained by Zeno Colaço, Sony's head of developer relations. According to Zeno, over 50 studios are working on "new kinds of games and applications" that will be sold via a "specially-branded separate area" of the PlayStation Store accessible by PSP and PSPgo owners. In effect, Sony is going after the kind of "snackable content" made popular by Apple's App Store -- inexpensive games and apps that can be downloaded in less than a minute for immediate gratification -- according to Subatomic Studio's Ash Monif. In fact, Subatomic, best known for its massive App Store hit, Fieldrunners, is developing a PSP-exclusive version of its tower defense game. Unlike Apple, however, Sony is charging for its PSP SDK in a bid to keep things, uh hem, "professional," as Zeno calls it.

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