Final Fantasy XI's July version update lands on the servers

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|07.20.09

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Final Fantasy XI's July version update lands on the servers

Kupo, fellow adventurers! The July version update is here, and it has brought many tasty treats with it including the brand new add-on pack, "A Moogle Kupo d'Etat!"

We here at Massively have kept you up with all of the developments in the July version update including the new job abilities for ninja, the new additions coming to the Fields of Valor quest system and the new blue mage spells, and the brand new item augmentations for characters over level 50. Even with all of that coverage, however, we still didn't get everything that's been added in this new update!

More campaign missions, more mazes for Moblin Maze Mongers, new campaign areas, and the brand new addition of the "union" party system to the Campaign lets more players play together to save past Vana'diel from the destruction of the beastmen and win wonderful brand new items!

For all of the changes and additions, check out the patch notes page available on the Final Fantasy XI main site, and enjoy all of the new content!
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