Shadow Complex Achievements arrive with a handful of screens, new trailer

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Shadow Complex Achievements arrive with a handful of screens, new trailer
Will Shadow Complex be this year's Bionic Commando: Rearmed -- ya know, minus all that direct nostalgia? Between the 2D platforming, arsenal of weapons, huge bosses, and frosted camera lens, it's getting harder and harder for us not to draw the comparison. One thing the new gameplay you see above features that BC:R lacked? Jumping! (Thankfully!)

An Achievement for melee kills (find the whole list after the break) helps to assuage our concerns of, well, not having a robot arm -- though anyone with half a brain knows that third-party human being parts beat out melee weapons every time. Hopefully the extra $5 for Shadow Complex over BC:R means those weapons are really sharp when you check them out on August 19.
  • LET'S GET PUNCHY: Melee 5 soldiers (15)
  • BOMBA PUNTER: Punt 20 Bombas (20)
  • MY HEAD A-SPLODE: Get 50 head shots (20)
  • MAKE 'EM SCREAM: Get 100 soldiers to scream (20)
  • TO KILL A BLACKBIRD: Destroy the helicopter attacking the Vice President (15)
  • LOOK OUT!: Kill a soldier with a Bomba (5)
  • WALKIN' ON WATER: Make it from one end of lake to the other in hyper-speed (5)
  • HERO: Complete the game on any difficulty setting (50)
  • COMPLETIONIST: Complete the game with 100% of the items (20)
  • MINIMALIST: Complete the game with less than 13% of the items (10)
  • PROVEN GROUNDS: Complete the Proving Grounds (10)
  • SERIOUS COMPLEX: Level-up to experience level 50 (10)
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