Canon's Hybrid Image Stabilizer tech takes the blur out of your twist and shake

In the past few years image stabilization has gone from a big-money feature available only in the priciest of lenses to something of an afterthought in the most boring compacts. So, what's a high-priced lens to do if it wants to maintain its exclusivity? Why, invent a new flavor of stabilization, of course. Canon is introducing its Hybrid Image Stabilizer technology, set for inclusion in some mystery lens before the end of the year. It compensates for camera shake on two axes: rotationally and linearly, meaning you should be able to get smooth shots whether you're on the Tilt-a-Whirl or a wooden roller coaster. Canon isn't indicating just yet how much this new Hybrid IS lens will cost, or when other bits of glass will follow in its pixel-perfect footsteps, but is indicating it'll be included in "a wide range of products" -- we'd guess none will be cheap.

[Via Photography BLOG]