Samsung's S9110 touchscreen watchphone syncs with Outlook, on sale this month (updated)

€450; that's what'll cost to take home the world's thinnest (11.98mm) touchscreen cellphone fashioned into an tempting wristwatch. Although details are few and we're relying upon machine translated text of the press release, we can tell you that Samsung's watchphone -- first seen as a prototype at CES -- brings a 1.76-inch glass, scratch-proof touchscreen and stainless steel body that plays host to features such as Bluetooth 2.1, Outlook email sync, MP3 player, speakerphone, and voice recognition when it goes on sale this month in France. Hear that LG, Samsung just beat you to market by a calendar month.

Update: English press release is out with the following new specs: 176 x 220 pixel, 262k color TFT TSP display, 40MB of internal memory, 630mAh battery, and 57.5 x 41.1 x 11.98mm / 91g footprint. Gallery updated with better quality images.

[Thanks, Young]