iLuv's iEA15 adapter lets any headphones work with VoiceOver, iPhone

The suits in Cupertino already confirmed the existence of a proprietary chip in the new iPod shuffle headphones, but if you're squarely in the tin foil hat crowd, we've got one more shred of evidence to win you over. iLuv's newest adapter, the iEA15, outrightly asserts that it is "equipped with a remote control chip provided by Apple, Inc.," but it's the functionality of said adapter that has our interest piqued. Rather than settling for a set of VoiceOver-capable earbuds that you aren't really fond of, this here go-between enables any headphones with a 3.5 millimeter jack to connect with (and control) Apple's newest shuffle. Moreover, it'll play nice with the iPhone family as well, and the built in microphone enables you to handle a call without ever removing your 'buds. The frightening part is that no price and release date have been set, which probably means iLuv's lobbying to get that Made for iPod tax down in order to not charge $50 for this thing.

[Via CNET]