Breakfast Topic: On alts and patch planning

Patch 3.2 is looking more and more solid. There are still some bugs with the bosses in the Argent Coliseum, but those are being worked out and appear to be more of a technical thing than a design flaw. This leads us to think that patch 3.2 will be dropping relatively soon.

So with that said, I've been wondering lately about my alts. In particular the four left between 60 and 70 who are sitting in Outland not doing anything in particular. I know that if I drop the gold on them and let them fly around I'll have much more incentive to play them through to 80, and perhaps even find a new class that I love (truth be told, I'm finding my 63 rogue quite a bit of fun to play lately).

As I'm thinking of finishing my army of level 80 alts, I have to plan a little bit. Why should I level right now if within the next couple weeks I'm going to be able to fly around and do it all much faster? Wouldn't my time be better spent playing Fallout 3 working on projects?

The answer for me is yes, my time would be much better spent either playing other games or gearing up my level 80 Ret Paladin alt I'm having so much fun playing.

I do find it interesting that I'm basing decisions on what to play, in a game, off of what's to come in future content patches. In some ways it seems like a bit much for a game, but in other ways it makes sense to ration out my scarce commodity of time.

Is this something everyone does? What about you? Are you playing your alts based on future patch changes?