Lexicon prepping BD-30 Blu-ray deck for CEDIA

Steven Kim
S. Kim|07.24.09

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Lexicon prepping BD-30 Blu-ray deck for CEDIA
Lexicon BD-30 Blu-ray playerLexicon owners who have been holding out for a brand-matched Blu-ray deck will want to turn an eye towards CEDIA, where the company will debut its BD-30 player. Hopefully by then, the Profile 2.0 player will also be wearing a THX-approved badge on the fact-tag that includes universal disc support, fast loading, Anchor Bay VRS video processing, and -- wait for it -- RS-232 control. The tin-foil hat crowd will find something to like in the PR that touts the decoding and mixing of lossless codecs in the player for LPCM streaming to downstream Lexicon gear, and makes no mention of bitstreaming. You know this isn't going to be priced for mere mortals when it releases in September, and Lexicon doesn't disappoint -- $3,499 should fit in with cross-shopping against Denon and Marantz.
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