Onkyo keeps the SACD fires burning

Onkyo C-S5VL SACD player, A-5VL integrated amplifier

Sure, Blu-ray has its Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA formats to satisfy the audiophiles, but Onkyo has apparently decided that there are still enough US audiophiles to warrant the release of gear previously labeled "Japan-only." With Wolfson DACs and a thermally regulated data clock circuit (you know, to tame those nasty jitters), the $599 C-S5VL SACD deck is ready to tackle your small but irreplaceable library of discs. Pair it up with the $699 A-5VL integrated amp and transport yourself back to a time when you didn't worry about specs -- 40-Watts across two channels, Burr-Brown DACs, and a low-noise preamplifier section should make for a killer small room/office system; and if you're anything close to mainstream, a small room or office is exactly where music listening has been pushed to. Grab the "sweet spot" chair and indulge!