Leica S2 DSLR hitting UK scene in October for eye-opening $26,165 without lens

Remember Leica's S-system flagship DSLR camera? We'd wager a nickel you probably stuck this in the deep in the back of your brain after its September 2008 debut, figuring something that boasts 37.5 megapixels and Leica branding was gonna be just out of your budget range. Well, you were right. The company announced that it'll be out in the UK as of October this year, and the starting price is £15,996, or about $26,165 in US dollars. Since you're going on the wild side anyhow, why not consider the S2-P, which features a sapphire glass monitor screen and "Platinum Service" support package? That'll set you back £19,092 ($31,229). Bear in mind both those prices are for body only, and with lenses range anywhere from £3,096 to £5,160, you might as well forget about that year of salary.