Leica debuts S-system, 37-megapixel flagship S2 camera

Is it Photokina time, or what? Joining the host of other camera manufacturers with sparkly fresh announcements this week is none other than Leica, which just announced a trio of new cams a few days back. This introduction, however, stands alone, and Leica's making some pretty remarkably bold statements about its new S-system. The first device to take advantage is the 37-frickin'-megapixel S2, which sits between Canon's EOS 5D and EOS 1Ds MkIII in terms of body size. The company designed the camera to provide "the quality of medium format and the handling and flexibility of 35mm," and the outfit also has nine S-system lenses on tap. As for expectations? Leica says it'll perform "twice as fast as Hasselblad H-series cameras," and if that wasn't straight-up enough, the firm's David Bell proclaimed that "[Leica] thinks it has the best professional camera system in the world with this."

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