Sonic upgrading CinemaNow movie streaming to 1080p

VUDU and Xbox Live, welcome your new competition in the 1080p movie streaming arena, now that Sonic Solutions has announced its CinemaNow service will offer "Blu-ray Disc resolution" (3D is already on the way) with buffer-free playback thanks to its new Cinevision Adaptive HD encoding and delivery system. Sonic claims to have a leg up since the system is already used for Blu-ray disc production, and it's teaming with Widevine for the adaptive streaming backend. As usual, even if you're not directly a CinemaNow user, its wide compatibility and position behind Blockbuster's store and upcoming ones from Best Buy and should mean 1080p streaming to an ethernet equipped home theater device will be available no matter where you are, whether you're ready to ditch the discs (and downloads) or not.