HTC Mega ROM reveals new-look TouchFLO 2D

We know what's in the pipe for the next generation of TouchFLO 3D -- but what about TouchFLO 2D, the lightweight version of HTC's WinMo skin currently employed in devices like the low-end Touch Viva? For the answer to that, we need look no further than an alleged leaked ROM for the upcoming Mega, which appears to have revealed a treasure trove of heretofore-unseen goodies. TouchFLO 2D 2.0 looks, dare we say it, damn near as pretty as its higher-end 3D counterpart -- and conveniently, you can get this up and running right now if you've got a QVGA set running a leaked 6.5 ROM. We know you're a risk-taker if you're running 6.5 code right now, so you may as well give this a shot too, right?

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