WoW Moviewatch: Divided Soul

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One of the mainstays at BlizzCon is the machinima contest – talented artists submit their movie ahead of the convention in hopes of winning fame and prizes. This year's BlizzCon is no different, and we're sure to see some great videos during the largest gathering of WoW players outside of Azeroth. Over the next few days let's take a look back at some of the winners and runner ups of last year's movie competition.

Continuing from yesterday's Rumpus, today we'll look at the winner of last year's drama category - Divided Soul by Martin Falch. The movie definitely lives up to its title, and is a good choice from the winner in this category.

The tale is of one of friendship across the life span of two Orcs. Their tale moves from being best friends to bitter enemies. Context of love and lust, and of the role of a child's upbringing also come into play. It's a good and short yarn.

The animation is pretty good as well. The characters move in a fluid and lifelike fashion. There are very few jagged movements that look out of context – something that I appreciate. The voice acting done throughout the film is also pretty good. Whereas yesterday I criticized Rumpus for not having enough inflection and variation in some of their voice acting, here in Divided Soul I think they do it just right.

Worth a watch!
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