Zii EGG prototype gets a hands-on demonstration

Our interest was fairly piqued last week when Creative officially unveiled the Zii Egg handheld which we'd seen earlier at the FCC. Details are still a bit vague in some areas, but we know that the Zii Egg is really aiming at developers for its "Plaszma" platform. The Zii Egg also runs Android, though will not come pre-installed on the device instead coming as a download once the device is shipping. CNET Asia just got a chance to have a sit down with a pre-production model of the handheld, and here's what we're noticing in the video. The hardware, which looks pretty great, doesn't look very heavy or substantial to us -- which is not to say it looks cheap. The 10-point multitouch capacitive touchscreen was not operable at the time of the demonstration, but it sure sounds promising, and there also wasn't any real display of the software or applications as of yet. It looks like Creative will be filling its pre-orders for the Zii Egg in the second half of August, so we don't have too long to wait to see what this thing is all about. Hit the read link for the video.