Add a moogle to your event with Final Fantasy XI's player event support!

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|08.03.09

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Add a moogle to your event with Final Fantasy XI's player event support!

What makes a good event? Well that's a bit complicated! A good event requires a creative idea, careful planning, and coordination amongst the people planning it! If that's done, then the event will go off without a hitch and the players participating in it will have lots of fun!

But what makes a good event into a great event? That's simple -- moogles.

Square-Enix and the Final Fantasy XI development team know that sometimes good events can become great events with a little bit of developer intervention. Now, with the advent of Player Event Support, everyday players can request the appearance of moogles to help out with their events in Final Fantasy XI!

Taking advantage of this service is as easy as picking up a pendant compass to determine where you want to place your moogles and filling out a request form over at PlayOnline. If your event is approved, you do the hosting while the developers put moogles where you require them the most! We can't wait to see what players create with this new service!
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