80GB PlayStation 3 on the outs in Japan, PS3 Slim looking all the more likely

We know the whole "where there's smoke, there's hotness" argument is played out, but it sure feels like the pieces are coming together here. With Sony's 20GB, 40GB and 60GB PlayStation 3 already a part of history, it's just the 80GB and 160GB models holding down the fort. After August 9th, however, it seems that just the latter will be representin' in Japan. The notice above essentially informs retailer 7-Eleven (don't hate) that no more orders for the black, white and silver 80GB PS3 will be accepted after Sunday due to a request from "the manufacturer." The note also instructs store owners to take down the in-story displays for the 80GB model, giving us all the reason we need to believe that a slimmed down version of the console is within reach. Of course, that's just whimsical speculation, but we just can't talk our hearts into listening to our heads on this one.

[Via VG247, thanks Hawk]