Intel still won't talk Core i5 details, but you can order one anyway

It's been a long, strange road for the Core i5 series of processors, first announced way back in March not by Intel, but by a motherboard spec sheet. Since then we've seen rebranding talk, lots of grids of various colors, and a delay purely for selfish reasons. Intel still isn't saying how much they'll cost or when they'll ship, but that's okay, because retailers have answered the first question and given us reason to believe the answer to the second is "soon." Two computer hardware sites confirm that the Core i5 570 will have a 2.66GHz clock speed and sport 8MB of cache, matching expectations for this new mass-market processor, and the prices (as low as $233) are a fair bit cheaper than a comparably spec'd but higher performing Core i7. Mind you, both of those retailers list the chip as being out of stock, but we're sure if you're so inclined they'd be happy to put you down for a pre-order.

[Via PC World]

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