Gigabyte shows off GA-IBP Core i5 motherboard at CeBIT

What, what? Core i5? What's that? In short, that's the response we got when prodding for details on this here motherboard at CeBIT, but sure enough, the object you see above just might be the first mainboard shown off designed to play nice with Intel's forthcoming Core i7 lite™. The Gigabyte GA-IBP will reportedly be available to purchase around July, which -- coincidentally enough -- is right when we're expecting the Core i5 chips to make their debut on the market. The on-hand Gigabyte rep wouldn't talk about specifics, noting that most everything about this board was still under NDA; when we strolled into Intel's hall, we were flat told that no Core i5 prototypes were available here in Hannover. At any rate, you can count on at least one motherboard to use on your next mid-range gaming rig, and you can peek that very board in the gallery below.