Mabinogi adds first flying mounts with latest patch

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|08.06.09

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Mabinogi adds first flying mounts with latest patch

If flying mounts are the new cool thing to put in your MMO, then Mabinogi is riding the cool train with the rest of the MMO developers. The new mounts, the eagle and the pelican, are two of the new additions in the game's latest patch.

With the addition of the eagle and the pelican also comes the new African themed zone called Courcle. This new area is filled with wildlife, like elephants and hyenas, and even comes equipped with two new boss monsters for players to face. An enormous alligator protects the swamps while the king of the jungle, the regal lion, protects the savannas of the brand new zone.

With all of these dangers in Courcle, players will be glad to hear that the mounts also serve as ground combat support in addition to being your flying friends. Did you ever see a mount fight? No? Well then, you might want to continue reading this article, as we have the preview trailer for the eagle and pelican after the break.
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