Motorola Endeavor HX1 shows up in retail packaging, rumored for $159.99 in Sprint stores

We know the HX1 is good -- possibly the best -- but is it $160 worth of good? That's a question that we'd frankly rather not have to answer -- we'd be more comfortable with a "is it $120 worth of good" type of situation -- but a poster on HTCPedia has showed up bearing pictures of a retail HX1 in the wild (obviously intended for Asian distribution) along with a hot rumor that it'll be a Sprint exclusive launching within the next month for a whopping $159.99. We're guessing the technology Moto licensed from Invisio wasn't cheap (Invisio's forerunner, Nextlink, was renowned for making excellent but exorbitantly expensive headsets in Bluetooth's early days), but no matter how good the HX1 is, it's tough for the average phone owner to justify spending more on their handsfree than they do on the phone itself. For now, we're hoping this rumor doesn't pan out, but just in case, you might want to start socking away twenties instead of buying 2,000 Nintendo DSi points every other day. Seriously, what are you using them on, anyway?