Samsung's AMOLED-packin' YP-M1 PMP available in Korea, secret sauce still unknown

Surely we aren't the only technophiles in attendance champing at the bit to find out if Samsung's fresh YP-M1 has some of NVIDIA's hotness inside, but it seems as if we'll still have to wait a bit longer to find out. Right on cue, the AMOLED-equipped portable media player has launched over in South Korea, bringing with it a laundry list of supported file formats, a WQVGA panel, up to 32GB of inbuilt storage and even a DMB TV tuner. If anyone feels like sashaying over to Seoul in order to crack one open and find out what it's really made of, then by all means, be our guest. Just try not to wander too close to that DMZ -- we hear Bill Clinton's rescue fees are through the roof.