Activism: Moore 'delighted' to talk to female gamers

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Activism: Moore 'delighted' to talk to female gamers
Speaking at the Edinburgh Interactive Conference this week, Peter Moore explained how EA Sports changed its business strategy in order to address a growing female demographic. According to Moore, the arrival of the Wii changed everything, thanks to its focus on gameplay over graphics. "We didn't even have arms any more, never mind superior graphics," says more, adding that games "became more about getting up off the couch." This led EA Sports to change its business model.

Moore notes that EA pulled in $150 million "by talking to the female consumer and providing a solution to someone who perhaps can't get to a gym, or afford one, through EA Sports Active." He adds that it's "not only great business" for EA, but it's "changing people's lives through a game." He concludes that EA is "delighted" to be talking to girls and women.

We'll bet the company is delighted. So delighted that it "indefinitely" delayed the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions Grand Slam Tennis in order to push out an expansion for EA Sports Active.
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